One of the new trends in bridal bouquets is something called a Composite Rose or a Composite Rose bouquet.  The term “composite” refers to a manmade flower which is accomplished by gluing petals together or by adding extra petals to a flower to make it appear to be a large bloom.  Here I am going to show the steps to complete the task.

You will need all of your supplies laid out and ready to go because once you begin working with the glue it can be difficult to keep the process moving smoothly.

Step 1:

 You will need roses, Oasis floral glue, a round base (I used a 6 inch cake circle and covered it with ribbon).  I started with a small rose like the one pictured; the bigger rose is after I added a few layers of petals.

Composite Rose Bouquet Supplies

Support disk

Before you cover the disk you must insert a hole in the middle for the stem of the center rose.  Then thread the ribbon through the hole until it is completely covered.

Step 2:

After separating your petals you will begin to glue them to the base of the flower leaving time in between each layer to allow the glue to dry and petal to adhere.

Petals Added

Step 3:

Add petals to the outer ring of the disk.  The complete rose will not be able to support itself, therefore, the disk will alleviate the pressure from the main rose. 

Step 4:

Place the main rose (which is now a composite rose already thanks to you adding petals to make it larger) through the hole of the disk forming a much, much larger rose.

Composite Rose Bouquet

Step 5:

Once the top of the Composite Rose Bouquet is complete, you will need to create a handle for her, which you can do by taping or adding the stems previously broken from the roses that you used to create this beautiful bouquet.  Then you will wrap the stems in fabric or rhinestones like you see here.  You will also need to create a collar (wired ribbon arount the bottom of bloom) for the bouquet to fill it out a little more.

Composite Rose Bouquet

Caution:  Be sure to use the freshest flowers, it is essential to the overall look of the bouquet.  Throughout the process, be sure to keep your petals damp or in water.